New pinebook owner, media playback how? (was: larger eMMC, what and how to install?)
it uses a slightly reduced xfce desktop; i personally find it nicer & lighter than the ubuntu mate setup.
they didn't disable compositing by default, but i had the feeling it's responsive enough even so. in any case, a small step to change that.

the setup/install to emmc procedure is nice: you are asked to provide a username/password, the user is then created.

fully featured? sure, it has package management tools & you install whatever you want. afaics, there's an armbian repo and ports.ubuntu, backports fully enabled as usually with ubuntu.
i have the vague impression that the armbian repositories are better groomed and larger than the ones from, maybe because they support a larger range of devices.
the previously mentioned recent version of mpv for one, but of course also VLC and smplayer are available.
chromium, firefox, but no palemoon (yet). might need to tackle that one myself.

i compiled a recent version of tint2 (it's also in the repos, but i need some features from the newer version) without a problem, so that also works.
i'm so used to intel architecture, i wasn't sure it would.

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