Pine64 Debian Stretch/mainline [4.14.7]
(10-13-2017, 01:14 PM)CallMeFoxie Wrote: I've borrowed Icenowy's (thank you very much!) 4.13 branch kernels and updated it to 4.13.6. There's a lot of new drivers in and some are in the works from what I've been watching mailing lists (cpufreq most notably, but we're missing temperature atm anyways).

I'll see if I can get HDMI to work (with Mali? ;o) and post it hopefully this weekend with updated rootfs with U-Boot v2017.09 (latest stable) and whatever packages will be stable by then and other fixes.

Of course you don't need to reflash, normal apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade will roll out newer kernel for you when it is ready Smile - only U-Boot won't autoupdate (will need to get initrd to work there for safety, just as for auto-resizing of SD card on the first boot).

I am currently looking for an image that does LCD on the Pine64 or SoPine/ Pine64-LTS and has mali. If by any chance you'd get that working please do let me know.
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