Pine64 Debian Stretch/mainline [4.14.7]

As I've created a thread earlier last week, I've got a working image for Pine64+ with complete mainline support:

Kernel 4.14 branch, few extra patches (ethernet DTB revert and few others)
U-Boot 2017.09 branch, no external patches
NO boot0! Uses U-Boot SPL
Updates via normal debian packages for kernel (metapackage linux-image-pine64 keeps up2date kernels), no u-boot automated updates yet
Docker 17.09 branch or newer (installable via Debian package docker-ce) with Overlay2 full support
Debian Stretch with Systemd
Boot log:

Tested on 2GB Pine64+, should work on 1GB version as well, unsure about 512MB version. Definitely would need to swap DTBs around.

Docker and Kernel are hosted on my repo ( stretch main) and its key is imported to the image.
Boots via U-Boot through extlinux.conf -> ext2 partition with vmlinuz-* + fdt file -> ext4 rootfs (default 4GB, can be resized).
Kernel updates trigger extlinux.conf generator, normal kernel rules apply (keep last 2 and mark the other for removal etc).

[b]Base build 2017-10-15

Kernel 4.13.6/U-Boot 2017.09

Base build 2017-08-15
Kernel 4.13.0-rc5/U-Boot 2017.09-rc2

Source configs and scripts to build the images:
(uses Docker to compile kernel/uboot/atf)

Known issues for latest base image:
SSH keys are not re-generated! It is suggested to delete them and ssh-keygen -t them on the first bootup. (Fixed in github already)
Fixed clock (~900MHz), no cpufreq/voltage regulation - missing kernel modules in upstream (as of 4.13.0-rc5)
No HDMI output (missing drivers)

Default config:
IP:, gw
SSH enabled:
Login: user pine, password pine; use sudo to get root

To do:
Fix known issues Tongue
- please use github issues for that.

19/12/2017 - Released kernel 4.14.7 into repository, update via Apt and reboot
22/11/2017 - Released kernel 4.14.1 into repository, update via Apt and reboot
28/10/2017 - Released kernel 4.13.10 into repository, update via Apt and reboot
15/10/2017 - Released Docker-ce 17.09, update via Apt
15/10/2017 - Released new base image (*not required* to update, just rollup of kernel+base pkgs)
15/10/2017 - Released kernel 4.13.6 into repository, update via Apt and reboot
27/08/2017 - Released kernel 4.13.0-rc6 into repository, update via Apt and reboot (nothing else required)
28/08/2017 - Released kernel 4.13.0-rc7 into repository, update via Apt and reboot (rc5 should be autoremove-able)
28/08/2017 - Released Docker-ce 17.07.0-ce-rc4, update via Apt
30/08/2017 - Released Docker-ce 17.07-ce (final), update via Apt

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