Expidated shipping well worth the cost
First, let me say.. I (or Pine, I am sure) can say my experience will always be what happens, I am sure, but... 

I ordered my rock 64 with expidated shipping, it shipped out on the 5th (today is the 9th.  In response to a post in another thread, I mistakenly thought it shipped the 1st ... My mistake, confused it with other orders from China, in 17 track.... 

My rock 64 is now sitting at my local post office, to be delivered tomorrow (missed getting it today, by 40 

So, with expidated shipping, the rock 64 made it from China, to my local post office, in 5 days. Very impressive. 


Can't edit the post, but in first line ...

Should read can not.

How much did you pay for shipping? Theres only two options to ship to germany:

Standard Flat Rate: $11.99
Express Flat Rate: $30.00

Im not paying 30$ for shipping though. Express shipping the US seems to be $16 which is reasonable.
I paid 16 (I am in the US). I wouldn't have paid 30 either, but as you said 16 was reasonable.

Also, I just got a notice.. The USPS updated my delivery date, to later today.

I know it's not on my usual post office truck.. It arrived 40 minutes to late to make it on.. I am guessing it will be on a separate truck, they run for certain kinds of rush shipping.

Here in the US, the US postal service has a great android app, that tracks packages, and will text, or email you, with changes on your package status.

I usually pay 90$ for 3 day shipping from China at work, regular UPS...
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