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Is Ubuntu 20.04 supported on the Rock64?
(01-14-2020, 12:23 PM)dpgraham Wrote: Ahh That makes sense, thanks evilbunny!
I guess that's the downside of using an auto-installer, it's a black box Smile

Very cool, was not familiar with the use of zram.
Could anyone point me to a wiki that possible talks about the advantages of four 250M sized zram partitions versus one 1G zram partition? just curious.

edit: Please and thank you!

I think having all the RAM as ZRAM is not an advantage. A part of the RAM could be.

With 1 GB of RAM it could be little, so if you compress part of that RAM, you will gain memory space in exchange for the cost of the CPU.

If you have some RAM as ZRAM, you could put this ZRAM as swap and most recent used memory will be in RAM and the other in ZRAM.

If you have all RAM as ZRAM, the CPU cost will be higher and more delay in running processes.

In addition you can also put a partition in ZRAM, such as /tmp and avoid many writes to disk (obviously using RAM).

(05-05-2020, 12:22 PM)scalextrix Wrote: Is Ubuntu 20.04 supported on the Rock64?

Official support, I don't know. Arm64 support, yes.
Official armbian support (, no. It works well? Yes.

I use armbian 20.04 on rock64, the repositories are fine and it works fine overall.
just flashed microSD with bionic Mate and booted on PBP. At login prompt, I put "rock64" as password, I am then prompted to change the password at first login. Once I change it, I receive "invalid password, please try again".

How do I login to the desktop?

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