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Linux Images (ROCK64)
ayufan has been building some that work. Jessie at 5.15.130 works ok,

His dl address is somewhere in this form, probably more than once.

Cheers, Gene83
Look for the "Releases" section,
latest stable = 0.5.15 actually, stable (mostly)
pre-release = 0.6.20, in heavy testing, with several bugs, some are nasty atm, like not having hdmi at all, you get ssh tho (but im not sure if this one is solved, i saw some commit recently about hdmi)
and btw im using his ubuntu minimal 0.5.15 and working pretty stable with several dockers
I've built up on the -136 stretch release but am having trouble making a shrunken copy like ayufan and raspian supply.

I killed udev by editing its rules to ignore /dev/sdd, so gparted could shrink the last partition without it getting remounted under gparted.

I thought, but I just dd'd 8Gb of it to a file, gparted shows about 4Gb used, and wrote that to another sd-card. As far as gparted is concerned, the copy is a blank card. This is getting frustrating. WTF am I doing wrong?

Not that I am impressed with gparted's error messages. It does not tell you on screen why it failed, you have to save the details, and wade thru kilobytes of html to find out the partition you unmounted, has been automounted even if gparted supposedly has a lock on it.

udev strikes again. My file copy has some data in it early on, but there is no way to scan thru an 8Gb file with khexedit yet this year. Or even the next. Where the heck is a scroll bar when you need it?

Is there another hex editor that does have a functioning scroll bar, or at least a working down arrow?

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