Flashing SD card over USB
Yeah, that is sounding like you're going to want FEL mode then. Drats!

I can't help you any further with this atm though... as I have tried a quick prod at the FEL boot stuff, and you've got it booting further than what I did with recent ayufan pine64 image... ie.

HELLO! BOOT0 is starting!
boot0 commit : 045061a8bb2580cb3fa02e301f52a015040c158f
boot0 version : 4.0.0
set pll start
set pll end
rtc[0] value = 0x00000000
rtc[1] value = 0x00000000
rtc[2] value = 0x5aa5a55a
rtc[3] value = 0x00000000
rtc[4] value = 0x00000000
rtc[5] value = 0x00000000
eraly jump fel
HELLO! FES1 is starting 79624!
set pll start
set pll end
beign to init dram
DRAM driver version: V1.0

And forcing FEL mode through uboot didn't make any difference either (s at startup to stop, and use efex mode). 

I keep either getting either

ERROR: Allwinner USB FEL device not found!


MMU is not enabled by BROM
=> Executing the SPL... done.
usb_bulk_send() ERROR -9: Pipe error

errors when running the sunxi-fel command manually i.e.

sudo sunxi-tools/sunxi-fel -v spl boot/pine64/fes1-pine64-plus.bin write-with-progress 0x4A000000 boot/pine64/u-boot-pine64-plus.bin writel 0x4A0000e0 0x55 writel 0x4A0000e4 0x0 exe 0x4A000000

Hopefully someone with better knowledge of this FEL mode side of the A64 can comment as to what is happening, as at the moment it doesn't seem to wanna play! Sad

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