Flashing SD card over USB
Hello all,

I'm developing my own PCB around the A64 and am currently using a Pine64 to develop my flashing procedure (want to have just eMMC on the board). For right now what I'm trying to do is flash a linux image to the blank SD card on the Pine64 using only the USB OTG port. It seemed like this was supported when I found Ayufan's USB Mass Storage, but I didn't get it to boot. The FEL interface becomes unresponsive, and the serial output shows us getting up to 'pmbus ready' I've got serial output from a few runs here: https://pastebin.com/tDve7G3t

After chatting with marcushh777 on the #Pine64 IRC channel, I decided to put that aside to try and better understand the boot process. The last couple of weeks I've been experimenting with different branches of u-boot/u-boot-sunxi and Longsleep's build-pine64-image repo, and was able to build that image, write it to RAM (over a period of hours) using u-boot over serial, and then write that image to the board. That's pretty exciting, and was a great learning experience, but I'm not quite sure what I should do next to get to achieve my single-port goal.

I was thinking about embedding an RNDIS driver into u-boot, but that would still require a second interface to initiate a TFTP transfer, though maybe another endpoint could be established to present the serial over USB as well. I'm not quite sure where to start with u-boot, either. I haven't managed to boot the mainline u-boot with ported H3 DRAM drivers, but a sunxi branch (20160126-wip-a64) with AW's libdram does boot.

It seems to me that I must be missing something, because this functionality seems like something that must have been implemented somewhere, even if it hasn't been ported to the A64. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can proceed from here?


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