Pinebook picky with microSD cards?
I don't know if this is a hardware issue with my Pinebook 11.6" or a general issue... but mine is very picky about the microSD cards it works with. I tried quite a bunch and found only one working flawlessly by now. All others sooner or later result in kernel error reports of some sort of timeout or other errors, like:

data error sending stop command
send stop command failed
mmcblk0: timed out sending r/w command, card status 0x400900

Does this happen to other users too?

Is there a know workaround?

Yeah, it certainly seems that way. I had no issues (bar them being slow, but what do you expect for cheap cards) with the standard red and grey SanDisk class 10 cards on the pine64, raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, but they don't want to play with my pinebook. I switched to the Samsung EVO cards (mainly because of high random I/O performance) and haven't had a problem since. I mainly use 16/32G cards.
Use only quality SD card from a reputable source.

We recommend Samsung Evo Plus Class 10 32G cards;  I have four cards that are running flawlessly on my Pinebook (all Samsung Evo Plus) two are 32G and two are 64G.

Burn the cards with a system that verifies the burn was accurate, and always check to make sure that the download of the image worked too.  We recommend Etcher (not Win32DiskImagere) and dcddfl , rather than straight dd.

Most of our problems (Pine, Pinebook, Rock64) are crappy SD cards, or fake SD cards;  always check them and never use an old SD card from back when ...  don't use an SD card that is not Class 10;  

If you get the errors you are describing, discard the SD card and start over with quality cards;

No, the pinebook is not any more or less picky about SD cards then any other system; if you have a good SD card (and a good burn) then you will have a good experience.
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