Pinebook SDIO gpio control using SD card slot blog post
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The above pics are option (2);  the model from Sparkfun is a little more expensive, but arrived in two days.  The Chinese version will be here in 30 days from Shenzhen (if I'm lucky with customs).  These plug directly into the micro SD slot (although its a little tricky, I did have to use the dremel tool).  The layout is similar but different; in this model the Vss and Vdd are together in the center.

Again, we have tapped the gpio(s) after mounting header pins on the sniffer card;  the sniffer card is designed to be a logic test point for logic analyzer.  I won't be pushing an SD card in the slot but will experiment with the gpio(s) using this direct interface.

Note:  pin (CD) is card-detect ;  also  D3.

hi again,  well,  the RED card options ( microSD Sniffer , see post #4)  one from Sparkfun , and one from the market in Shenzhen are a bust;  the model from Shenzhen does not work at all ( way too thick ) and the one from Sparkfun is loose and sloopy ( although it does work ) because its way too thin.

The card must be the same size and shape as the micro SD card ; doh.   Specifically the card must not be any thicker than  .75mm  and the one from Shenzhen is 1.0mm,  the one from Sparkfun is less than .50mm.  If I am very careful I can make the Sparkfun model work;  but what a pain.  So, I'm down to using only the microSD extension cables, which work very well.

There are many vendors for this card;  I plan to try to make my own card and not waste any more money are cheap gimmicks.
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