Pinebook SDIO gpio control using SD card slot blog post

This is my first experiment with bringing some of the A64 gpio mux lines to the outside via the SD card slot;  SDIO.  These are data lines D0-D3, CMD, CLK, VDD, & VSS.  The lines are gpio160 - gpio166;  PF0 - PF6.

The pic above is the 48cm ribbon cable that extends the SD micro slot to a full size card adapter;  this ribbon is useful in itself;  but I plan to modify it for pin access on a solderable bread-board.


These two shots are the modified ribbon cable;  this was actually easier than I expected.  The cable will extend under the notebook.


The two shots above show the finished cable running;  I have the green and red LED(s) initially connected to CMD and CLK.  These are pulsing at regular 3/4 second intervals (or so).  The gpio(s) are not useful in this state;  next I need to hack the dts and make sure that the pin function register has '0' s. 

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