Adding battery and charging circuit
How can we add a battery and a charging circuit on Rock64 ?
And can rock64 display the battery status on the android 7.1 image ?
(07-19-2017, 07:39 AM)advait Wrote: Hi
How can we add a battery and a charging circuit on Rock64 ?
And can rock64 display the battery status on the android 7.1 image ?

Well , that's why I told you earlier that the RK3328 is not well suited for notebook use;  it has no battery support, nor LCD support!

Having said that, depending on your engineering skills, you might be able to design a gpio controlled 12v solar charging system for use with the Rock64;  some of us have done similar with the RPi, and other SBC SoC(s);  but ofc that is up to you alone.
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You can check out the Geekworm UPS HAT board for Raspberry Pi for adding battery and charging. However, Android build will not display charging status and bar. Please note that w ehave not tested this module, and not guarantee it fully works with ROCK64.
i'm thinking a better solution would be to set up battery/charging as a service to the rock64 rather than trying to internalize both battery/charging . you could probably use one of the smaller microprocessors like pro mini or esp32. have it monitor the battery charge status and keep it fully charged. or go solar as marcus mentioned. the problem would be that the rock64 can need upwards of 3 amps current depending on what it is doing at any given moment. that would need a sizable battery. and difficult for solar recharging capacity. depending on how mobile you need the setup to be a small ups might be a good solution.
can this be a solution ?
i don't see why not. TI includes a basic circuit schematic and it even mention that the chip can be directly connected to the battery for simplicity. being able to conceptualize circuits is beyond my abilities at present although i understand most of what is in a pre-existing one [kinda]. if you end up making a small charging board keep us informed. i just bought one from adafruit but that is limited to a 100maH or .500maH charge. i bought a new cellphone recently and that thing charges at 4.98V 1.42Amp for most of the charge cycle. that is a nice charge rate. i have a tablet that charges at 5.08V .97Amp for a something ~7000maH battery. takes a long time at that rate. one of the TI chip models has max rate of 4Amps.
I like the Geekworm Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/2B Programmable Smart Temperature Control Fan+Power Hat Board.

Takes input 6V~14V so there are quite a lot of LiPO/Solar circuits you could mate to that. if UPS / Lipo charger / Fan circuit but I hate those crappy mini-usb connectors, bit bloat and a bit expensive.

Have a look on the geekworm store on aliexpress as they have a ton of goodies.
Like there lipo

You are prob going to have to do the tinkering and check all is compatible and apart from the modmypi one they should be as the power pins will be the same.
If those 2 geekworm boards mated and gave birth to something like the modmipi board, without the bloat it would be great.
Also what would be greater is if a graphics card Radial Cooling Fan was adopted
As it solves the stacking problem of hats / boards

Guess you could build your own software i2c pwm radial fan cooler really cheaply if you can do the tinkering.

You could go fan nuts and have 16 of them Smile
If you inverted (nor) the mosfet pwm signal it would run full speed until the software loaded.

Your Lipo could sit on the top for your active cooled UPS Rock64.

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