some questions regarding the pinebook
(07-16-2017, 11:01 AM)schepers_cp Wrote: thanks for answering most of my questions,  i didn't expect such a fast response!

the cooling seems to be insuffifient, as cpu throttling is usually applied to prevent damage from overheating.
the ideal cooling would be to have enough cooling to keep throttling at 0% and stay under the SOC's max temperature (70C), this will improve lifespan under heavy loads too.

also, can i suggest someting?
to be able to have a removable panel on the bottom side for emmc removal, shoudln't be too hard to do, as the bottom is plastic and not aluminium.
this would be usefull for people who need to switch between different OS' on different EMMC's on a ragular base.

another question: is it possible to order a spare battery seperately as i can't find it in the shop? usefull for those extra hours needed ^^;

lastly: will there ever be an option on making the battery replacable with pgo pin connectors in a seperate compatrment on the bottom accessible trough a removable panel on the bottom?

i know these will be slighty more expensive options, but i think it might be worth it in the end.

to be honest, i wouldn't mind it if a higher end 14" pinebook costed 150$ in the future*, which is still pretty awesome.

* = for 32gb emmc, and 4gb of RAM and a 2mp camera

The cooling is sufficient for normal workload. Case in point, here are temp readings while running make, watching youtube in VLC (720p), also terminal and a few firefox windows open: 

CPU freq       : 1152.00 MHz
GPU freq       : 456.00 MHz
CPU count      : 4  
Governor       : interactive  
Core voltage   : 1.30 V
GPU voltage    : 1.10 V
SOC Temp       : 58 C
GPU Temp       : 52 C
PMIC Temp      : 48 C
Cooling state  : 0  
You are welcome to differ of course. 
As for selling spare parts, they will be available in the future. The battery may however be the one thing not available (or not available outside US) due to issues with shipping batteries. 
However, you could just use an external power bank and an A-to-A USB 2.0 cable plugged into the OTG port to charge the Pinebook -- if this feature is enabled in software (it is not by default/ in current images).  I was incorrect, you cant charge via the OTG port.

Lastly, regarding: 
Quote:to be honest, i wouldn't mind it if a higher end 14" pinebook costed 150$ in the future*, which is still pretty awesome.

There are many considerations for future products as well as iterations of the Pinebook -- if such will ever exist. That said, with the current hardware - the current feature-to-price point ratio  has been considered quite carefully ;Wink Personally, I feel a $150 tag would be pushing it for what the A64 has to offer, even if used only as a tinkering gadget.
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