some questions regarding the pinebook
hi all , i'm new here and applied for the BTO of the 14" pinebook.
at first i thouhg the ""BTO" meant i can customize some things, but then i saw the product page in the store, which explains the term better than the bto page itself ^^;

i do have some questions about the pinebook
1: why is is so cheap in comparision to the olimex open source laptop? Big Grin
2: is there any upgrade path for the mainboard in the future, by which i only need to swap it and plug the emmc module in?
2-1: if so, what will those specs be? (i hope for >= 4gb ram, extra storage options, like a second emmc slot or a sata 3 or m.2 slot)
3: can there be a bigger battery in the unit, as i saw on google images that the insides between the 2 pcb's is unused space.
4: what is the sound quality like? if it is 'meh' , then i would sugggest for a newer revision the have a pair of high note speakers pointing out at the back of the system, like between the 2 hinges for the display (i did a similar mod to a el cheapo yepo 737s and the sound sounded waaay fuller, even pleasant for such a thin laptop!)
5: will there ever be a usb type c connector on a newer revision of the laptop?
6: would be fun to have an internal usb 2 port as well, for a usb to sata hdd for the lose space in the laptop
7: is the headphone jack also a mic in (2-in-1 solution?)
8: what are the thermals under load right now? does the cpu throttle? and what is the TDP of the SOC in watts peak?
9: is there a possibility of extra cooling by adding a flat copper plat or something?
10: what is the bottom panel made of? i hope aluminium, as my yepo 737s had that, and it acted as a cooling plate for the intel atom with a TDP of roughly 6W peak (2w average SDP (scenario design power))
11: does it run u-boot or some other bootloader?
12: what's the maximum battery lifespan on the default OS, at 50% brightness of the lcd, while having firefox with a youtube video running? (at the refernce 360p)
13: if i place a BTO request like right now, what will the expected waiting time be? (so i know around what period i can pay)

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