Rock64 as a retro-gaming console: early impressions
Pardon me to return to the same argument so many times but I am still working to get good performance.

Reading your post again I just noticed that you were using Android instead of Lakka in your test. Regarding the emulation on "Android vs Lakka" I made some questions on the Lakka forum and for the experts Retroarch plays nicer on Linux instead of Android, however I didn't get any of your goals even if I bought the 4GB version.

16-bit consoles with Lakka play nice but without shaders so I am using a simple overlay; N64 play awful with several issues, as you wrote best option is to use Mupen64plus instead of Parallel but the former isn't available on Lakka. PS1 emulation plays with a lot of issues, it drops frames constantly so the animation is spurty and the games are thus unplayable.

I would like to try the emulation through the Ayufan Android image so I would like to new if, apart Mupen, did you make your test through Retroarch or with each emulators separately?


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