Hello from Barcelona!
Hi everyone!

I'm Manel and i'm interested in to buy a "ROCK64" board, but I'd like to know how much support and compatibility has this board, because I have Orange Pi PC 2 and i'm having too much problems with KODI, Armbian, Android... still. Thank you very much

Kind regards

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It is early days yet for the rock64, but it is shaping up well. There have been quite a few linux builds... the 0.4.0 milestone has just been broken... and there are Android builds that are running solid. It's looking pretty solid already, and is being actively worked on every day Wink
Oh thank you very much for your reply! Well, just need it to make my 2nd mediacenter with Android + KODI! Just I want to know if there are some android (highest version) solid OS... LOL

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