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smartphone based on a pine64
I want to build a smartphone based on a pine64 with android and a c4labs style case,
but i got some questions

is there a smaller lcd screen and touch pannel available for the pine64, about the same size as the pine board ?
is there a way to make it read a sim card and get a signal for calls and data ?
is it possible to put the phone and messaging apps in the pine android image ?

soz for the dumb questions im still a bit of a noob
would this device be able to be used in the pine64 for cellular network siginal ?
i have a couple 1st gen electrons which this board is an offshoot of and getting the thing to do messages [MMS/SMS] over cellular is a big chore. i have not read any successful projects so my guess would be that getting voice is very close to impossible. i'd suggest visiting particle website forum for better idea of the hurdles one would have to clear to mate a pine64 to the particle E series board. btw, an E series breakout is $100 and a electron is $65.

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