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SPI to the SD card specifications
(06-20-2017, 03:17 AM)xalius Wrote:  That being said the controller is a black box for each device and we dont really know what it's algorithms are. 

This reminds me of the "old days" with hard drives. You used to buy them and they can unformatted, and when you did the low level format, finding bad sectors and mapping them was considered "normal". Nowadays, they still ship with bad sectors, but have been formatted at the factory, so they have been 'hidden' from the end user. Plus the firmware of the hard drive intelligently detects and maps around them. And if it encounters one whilst writing that it can detect, it transparently substitutes it from the pool of reserve sectors. Some of these devices that we take for granted are rather sophisticated pieces of machinery! Big Grin Just like when we first started with computer power supplies... it was a 50/50 chance of whether it would start or blow up every time you turned it on... and if it went... there goes the mainboard and all your control card and peripherals! Perilous times! :-O

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