Error in Pinouts document
I've found some disagreement between the Pinouts document (v1.0) and the schematics  for the SOPINE (v0.9) and the SOPINE Baseboard (v0.9). Usually the two Schematics agree, but not always. Some of these errors are quite serious and I suspect the Pinouts was an early document that wasn't fully updated after the final schematic materialized.

I did not list times where the Schematics called a pin "PC3" and the pinout called it "PC3_FUNCTION". But I did list times where it's pretty clear the same function is just being called by different names (ex LCD-PWM vs PL10-S_PWM)

Since I couldn't figure out how to do table layout on this forum, here's a Google Sheet with the discrepancies:
SOPINE Pin Descrepencies

For those who hate google, I've also attached screenshots.

nice work!

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