Can not get board to boot up reliably
pkfpeters wrote

"During your Ubuntu test you did got eth0 (LAN) working without my new kernel?"
> Yes, but it takes 2 endless boot loop (power off -> ON) before 3 booting was succes.
> Then yours patch and after that booting is OK

"I saw your ifconfig output saying eth0 got IP address Don't know
if this was automaticly assigned."
> Yes it was  automaticly assigned

"You can always force an IP address to the eth0 device, by using something like:
  ifconfig eth0        <<== Please make sure this IP address is not in use"
> Sorry, but I did not test it.

I did not make any wlan testing because it is not so important to me. I need Nextcloud. I am weary but  it does not work (I am just a beginner)

I changed to Armbian -> Booting and eth0 are realible.

Nextcloud is different story and not belongs to this thread.

Sorry about late answer.

Br: Kaarme42

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