Can not get board to boot up reliably
(06-17-2017, 06:04 AM)Kaarme42 Wrote: Is this booting problem relatetd to Pine64 PCB version?
My version is A64-DB-2G-Rev B 2016-03-21

BR: Kaarme42

I did/do my experiments on a Pine A64-DB-2G-Rev B 2016-02-25
I don't expect this to be a problem. I got the same boot up problems if i don't
use my alternate kernel version.

During your Ubuntu test you did got eth0 (LAN) working without my new kernel?
I saw your ifconfig output saying eth0 got IP address Don't know
if this was automaticly assigned. You still should be able to get the lan and wifi
working without my kernel. It's just a matter of setting the network configuraton.
You can always force an IP address to the eth0 device, by using something like:
   ifconfig eth0        <<== Please make sure this IP address is not in use

I still have to do some research as why preemptive would give problems during
bootup. I am guessing it has something to do with interrupt configuration of
some device driver which conflicts with a different driver all depending on the
speed of initialisation during startup of these devices. Best changes, it is a conflict
between the cfg80211 driver and HDMI.

I also did a second power usage test with a LAB power supply. When connected
to the EULER power pins and setting the LAB power supply at 5.00 VDC, I
monitored power usage. Power usage is very low. Starting at around 0,1A going
up and down to about 0,45A. Only when doing heavy CPU work as with a
sysbench benchmark i saw current spikes of about 0,9A. Keep in mind that i
only work console based, so i have no X desktop or heavy graphical usage.
Maybe in the future i will do another power test with full desktop usage.

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