Can not get board to boot up reliably
(06-12-2017, 07:59 PM)dkryder Wrote:
(06-12-2017, 03:01 PM)pkfpeters Wrote:
(06-12-2017, 10:56 AM)dkryder Wrote: so i was wondering while looking at your work if someone wanted to implement your work if it is a direct replacement of stock directories with your directories and during the unpacking some files were flagged as being the same with one set of those files iwith lower case filenames and the other with upper case filenames. i chose to not replace the uppercase with the lowercase. was that the correct choice? also the screen resolution listed in your Uenv.txt, is that the only resolution available or can i provide another like 1080p60? thanks

Sorry i just found out, that some files (in the netfilter kernel modules directory) are duplicated in the tar.gz You should be safe if you
select the latest version. I will make a new .tar.gz tomorrow. I did not disable any device driver option, so you should be able to select other resolutions. Although i only tested with the one in the config (i think 720p50).

Hopefully other people who are also having bootup problems can test with this kernel (settings) and let us know if it fixed the bootup problem.
This is still a workaround, but once confirmed working helps in finding a real solution.

If i have some time left i will also do some power measurements with a scope to see how the 5Volt line is behavng at startup. Just to rule out power issues that people are reporting. I don't know if anybody has done this already?
well, once i have a good understanding about how to install your work on/over the current install i'm very interested in testing particularly one board i rarely use now since there were too numerous boot failures which i could never get a finger on the reason/reasons for the failures. now, if that board starts behaving like it should with your work then i will be convinced beyond a doubt that you isolated and fixed whatever it was. so take you time to do what you feel is needed. one thing i ask of you to include is a basic set of instructions as i'm not sure if i swap out your work with what is currently there or if i just add your work to what is there and replace present files with your files if the filenames match. thanks.

I double checked the .tar.gz but i think there is nothing wrong with it. You have probably tried to extract it under Windows?
There are actually several kernel modules with the same names but only some characters are in captial. The actual kernel
modules are different from each other so both of them should be installed. I dont have this problem when extracting the
.tar.gz under Linux.

Please follow the steps below to get my changes added to your MicroSD card.

-Boot your Pine64 with the Debian version provided on the forum.
-Make sure it's up to date by running: apt-get update  followed by apt-get upgrade
-Make sure you are using the latest kernel and uboot from longsleep by using the following commands:  followed by
Copy the .tar.gz file you downloaded from my stack space to a USB stick and put this usb stick in the Pine64.
-Check with the 'dmesg' command the enumeration for your usb stick partition containing the .tar.gz file.
-Create a directory for mounting the usb stick for example: 'mkdir /mnt/usbstick'
-Mount the usbstick (using enumerated device id found in dmesg or cat /proc/partitions) by using someting like: mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usbstick  <<==replace sda1 with correct device id.
-Make a backup of your current /boot directory, using the following commands:
    cd /
    tar -cpzf /mnt/usbstick/backup-of-bootdir.tar.gz /boot
Now make sure you are in root path (top level), using command: cd /
-And now let tar extract my .tar.gz over current installation (only /boot files will be overwritten) by using the command:
    tar -xpzf /mnt/usbstick/pine64-working-kernel-longsleep-with-ppe-workaround.tar.gz
-Unmount usbstick with the command: umount /mnt/usbstick
-Make sure all items are really in sync, bit paranoia but it never hurts by using command: sync

-Reboot and you should now be using the new kernel and modules.

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