Can not get board to boot up reliably
*** I have read many of the threads regarding power and firmware and tried without success

Sometimes boots up or fails due to 'soft lockup' CPU#0 stuck for 22 seconds
at a point when calling cfg80211. I have tried all the combinations below and still not reliable

Pine A64+ 1GB board (A64-DB-Rev_B 2016-03-21)
Using serial cable on EXP header with Putty terminal and Ethernet connected.
No Wi-Fi or HDMI or USB connected

Have tried two different power supply - 5V 20VA adapter and 5V 100VA ATX computer supply
Have soldered power wires (0.5mm) onto pcb directly, to bypass use of usb power connector small pins
Added 100uf capacitor at that point to help any surge or length of wire (only 30cm!)

Then tried Euler bus DC-IN (4 and 6) with same power supplies.
Tried 6V SLA battery and diode so that 5.3V and lowest 5.208V at boot and still problem - you do not get more clean power than this.
Added 100nF, 10uf and 100uf caps on Euler header and still no help
When try ATX at lowest 5.098 it works and then sometimes not

Have tried soft reset button on Euler Bus and hard power reset on power
Tried changing the AXP803 bypass cap on pin 57/58 (C45) to 10nf and adding in 10uf - no change

Experiencing same problem with
pine64-image-debianmate-310102bsp-2.img and

Using two different types of Scandisk Micro HC I sd-cards (8GB and 16GB) that work on other small board computers
Format SD-Card for linux
Burn image to SD using Win32DiskImager.
First boot - Serial Cable and Ethernet only
Burn again and First boot Serial Cable only

Expanded image as suggested ($

Updated Kernel as suggested (from 3.10.102-2 to 3.10.105-0)

Make sure the cfg80211 is up to date
$sudo apt-get install wireless-regdb iw crda

Disable DHCP:
$ sudo update-rc.d -f dhcpcd5 remove
$ sudo update-rc.d -f isc-dhcp-server remove

Set Network Interface:
$sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0
allow-hotplug eth0
iface eth0 inet static

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Can not get board to boot up reliably - by Leo - 04-24-2017, 01:41 AM

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