Boot issues: What todo when you muck up your FSTAB file
(04-16-2017, 09:08 AM)Dagremote Wrote: New Piner and forum member. Was adding an external previously formatted NTFS 1TB drive, and had issues getting read/write access. Managed to get the system into a non boot state. In the end, I managed to resolve the boot issue, but chose to switch to a new drive formatted with EXT3. No probs since.


2.) Local cloud with Owncloud
External drive setup as the main repository.

Welcome! Glad the guys on the IRC were able to get your issues fixed Wink Yes, playing with with /etc/fstab is always fraught with danger... doubly so on these SBCs unless you have a plan B for when it all goes wrong Wink Thanks for giving some pointers for others for when they inevitably find out the hard way not the fiddle in /etc/fstab unless you know exactly what you're doing ! :-O Another plan B could be to load linux onto another microSD card, and then plug your misconfigured one into the pine64 via the USB reader. That is basically what I can do with my Cubietruck... if I ever stuff up the microSD card, I just pull it out, and boot from the backup OS installed on the onboard eMMC, and then mount and fix the SD card configuration. 

I'm doing the same with another SBC... but running Nextcloud instead of Owncloud. Pretty handy having my own private version of dropbox keeping all my boxes in sync Wink

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