Setting up your own Weather Station
Wow, this some good digging and nicely presented info. 

Just to clarify, though, the WiFi/Bluetooth module and the WiFi remote module are two separate entities. The first allows connection with various (mainly input) Bluetooth devices, such as keyboards and game controllers, and connection to the internet, whereas the second, the WiFi remote allows you to interface with sensors and peripherals wirelessly, from a distance.

 The POT development board allows you to prototype projects by soldering various components (LED, capacitors, resistors, switches, etc) and wires and create unique electronics which can then be interfaced with the Pine. 

The Z-Wave module is used mainly for home automation. As I understand it (and I understand relatively little about it, hopefully others will see this post and flesh it out properly), it utilises a specific frequency and this frequency is shared by many devices around the home, allowing control of all these devices by the single Z-Wave unit, rather than having multiple control units for multiple devices (i.e. one controller for blinds, one for doors, one for lights, etc). The Z-Wave module allows you to control all these processes from one handy focal point, which simplifies things.

Good luck with your weather station!

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