Brand New LCD not working
Remix OS is third party (made by Jide) and is not an-in house or community made image. In other words its pretty locked down (hence the relatively little following in the community - there is nothing we can do to tweak or improve stuff). To my knowledge no one has gotten Remix OS to work with the LCD. 

Jide will release their SDK privately to TL so he / his engineers can create a custom image for the Pinebook, perhaps he could also create an image that support the LCD then as you are not the first person to ask. For reference, here is what he said: 

2017-03-03 12:15:33 <tllim> Remix will release their SDK (this is not a public release) to me probably on next week and this allow PINE64 configure and update on Remix release 

2017-03-03 12:16:50 <tllim> we will use this SDK to build Remix for Pinebook :-)
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