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Q4OS is available
New Q4OS update '' available for download from . The new version is based on Q4OS-1804 for Pinebook and Ayufan's 3.10.105-bsp-1.2-ayufan-59' kernel.

!!! New initial credentials:
login: adminq
pass: adminq
New Q4OS update '' is available for download from . The new version is based on recently released Q4OS-1806 for Pinebook.

Initial credentials:
login: adminq
pass: adminq
Thanks, would like to test it :-)

Maybe I missed the info/settings: is it possible to set a 'hotspot' connection? Looks like I can connect to existing wifi networks but did not manage to create a hotspot from the clean install...
You could install Network Manager from Q4OS software centre for more advanced networking options.
I've tried just about all the available Pine-specific OS options.

There's only two I've found acceptable, RokOS and now Q4OS. Q4OS has a more recent Linux kernel.

It's a clean, low overhead GUI , and seems quite stable so far.

I'm particularly impressed with how well it runs on my 1GB Pine64.

I've had it running BOINC jobs for a few weeks and no problem at all. Now the Pine can't run the science-y stuff very competitively to say the least, but run it does.

I just installed Ruby and Jekyll on it to use it for blog/website publishing and all is going well.

One issue: the documentation says one can install x2go server from the software center, but it does not appear there. The x2go *client* does appear. (I just installed NoMachine instead. Again, no problem).

Congratulations on this fine work.

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