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So how many orders or backers are left? I queried KickStarter again and saw there are Kickstarter 36,781 backers. Of these there are those who order multiple units and multiple types.

For example, I am Backer #7,254. If they were going by Backer number, then that means there were 7,253 people who ordered more than 4 units. But we all know that's not the case. I ordered the humidity/temperature sensor and the Z-Wave addons that were mentioned as being in stock and would not delay the orders. Well, it turns out that wasn't a true statement either.

So I wait and monitor the notifications. I would rather not have excuses in these notes; I would rather see tracking postings of how many people were shipped to, how many units (and type of) shipped. Also, the tallies of how many KS backers are left and how many units need to be cleared before tackling new orders. Of course, I'd also like to hear about the successes of the Pine, how it is working with the OS'es and what tasks the board is performing. But until KS backlog is cleared, I really want shipping manifests first and foremost. And no more excuses. I really don't want to hear about it.

I did earlier threaten to reverse the charges on the Backerkit items (Z-Wave and sensor) but after speaking with my Visa rep, I will wait until Aug 1 for those items to be shipped or not. I was told that the reverse charges are different than the Visa accident or insurance coverage because I yet to have the goods and they have not been lost in transit either. It would take a few weeks to investigate and clear the charge but it would also impact any future dealings with Backerkit. I would have to approve the next Backerkit charge by phone because they would have a "non-compliance" tag in my account log.

So instead I wait. And every three weeks I will ask, "are we there yet?" I'm sure it gets annoying but weekly communication for a new company is expected. Nobody on the team has an MBA or a Communications Degree?

/It really cracks me up that someone just recently called them "thieves and blaggards."

Quote:We've uploaded our latest batch of 9155 tracking numbers, bringing our total shipment to 30,855 shipped. You should have received an update with your tracking numbers. if your tracking number does not have any info, it means it was recently processed in the last 24-48 hours so please allow a few days for the tracking number to get scanned in.
(06-01-2016, 09:13 AM)benpope81 Wrote:
(06-01-2016, 03:43 AM)vlzinch Wrote: As for me this is False Advertisement, and  if i wont get any response from you i will connect to my lawyer

An idle threat, I presume. The cost of the phone call to your lawyer will far exceed the amount you've paid. Regardless, you shall receive delivery before proceedings start.

(06-01-2016, 04:50 AM)MobileFusion Wrote: Now email since I would like to point out to the owners of Pine that I said the criminial proceedings being taken by Suffolk Police would be dropped for one week still I have heard nothing unless I get some form of communication by this weekend I shall be restarting the criminal proceding for theft of the money.

An idle threat, I presume, as this would be classed as a civil dispute. You should settle this in the small claims court, the cost of which would likely exceed the amount you have paid. Shame on you for wasting the time of the Police who have more important matters to attend, and shame on you for wasting tax payers money.

Besides, neither of you have shown any evidence that you have exhausted reasonable course of action. At the most extreme, take it up with your credit card company and request a chargeback. Idle threats here are fairly pointless; there's probably no jurisdiction for a case, no criminal intent, and not enough money involved to make it worth it on a monetary or time-based basis.

Can everybody just grow up, please? This is not productive.

benpope81 I am presuming you are one of the Pine con men I warn everyone not to deal with this bunch of fraudsters They have stolen millions of dollars off you kickstarters and now are trying the same for the general public. As for  "and not enough money involved" 30 dollars times 20,000 people = 600,000 usd plus the 1.7 million from kickstarters is a very large amount of money., Your word are the words of a fraudster!!
Monkey King, I think that would be great, knowing how many backers have been shipped to, how many are left, what kind of shipments have been made. None of the add-ons I selected were ever mentioned as ones that would delay shipping (like ABS case or Z-wave module), but still waiting. I think if that kind of info were provided, and updated every few days, many of us backers would be able to see the progress being made, and feel better about it.

hatman28, can you confirm if your co-worker actually received the pine they ordered in late May? I think we'd all like to know if a store order did actually deliver before Kickstarter rewards did. Thanks.
Kickstarter backer #5,864  --  SBC Noob  --  SE Michigan, USA
(06-03-2016, 06:46 AM)montero65 Wrote: Monkey King, I think that would be great, knowing how many backers have been shipped to ...

hatman28, can you confirm if your co-worker actually received the pine they ordered in late May?  I think we'd all like to know if a store order did actually deliver before Kickstarter rewards did.  Thanks.

I ordered a pine64+ 2G with one addition, the WIFI, March 22 from the online store and received it today June 4, 2016, 9:48 am. It was charged in full ($39 + 7) against my card at the time of ordering. It may be that I got this order because there was nothing else ordered with it that was delayed. I did not get a bonus switch, like kickstarters, but they did put a free Pine64 pen in the package.

 Too bad my choice of a USB charger power supply seems to have been mistaken.

Later: The problem seems to have been something else. The board is working fine. Not so Anderoid, and some strangeness with longsleeps' Ubuntu Xenial CLI image, where it errors out copying large quantities of files to a hard drive connected to USB.
From the Store? You got a Store order before I got my Kickstarter order???

Backer #29,562 - KS funded 23 Jan 2016 - Backerkit funded 10 Mar 2016
Can somebody tell me whats going on with my order #102249290 (14 mar 2016)- still no info nor tracking number..

Pine A64+ 2gb with wifi/bt module.
(06-04-2016, 05:18 PM)Bart333 Wrote: Can somebody tell me whats going on with my order #102249290 (14 mar 2016)- still no info nor tracking number..

Pine A64+ 2gb with wifi/bt module.

From your description, this order should has been ship out and you should already received. Please email to for inquiry. I have make down your order number and ask shipping facility to check out on Monday.
tllim, I need to echo what RichT said.  WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON THAT STORE ORDERS ARE BEING SHIPPED AND DELIVERED BEFORE KICKSTARTER BACKERS???  We were promised multiple times that nothing else would be shipping out until EVERY Kickstarter order had been fulfilled.  Many of us have not had our stuff fulfilled, and now we are seeing people who ordered from the store deliver before both Kickstarters and pre-orders (there have been a few of them complaining on the forums, too).  I've been trying to wait patiently for my items to arrive (or even ship), but THAT is some bull!!  Care to explain?
Kickstarter backer #5,864  --  SBC Noob  --  SE Michigan, USA
my pre-order 2GB board arrived yesterday and i'm very impressed with the board materials and fabrication. i loaded debian image and only obvious issue at this time is what seems to be a refresh rate problem. the screen display is slightly larger than it should be causing some of the display to be off the monitor screen. using xrandr it returns one resolution of 1280x720 with no refresh rates available. unfortunately my monitore can not adjust this itself. otherwise a good experience so far.
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[Image: facepalm1.jpg?w=300&h=169]

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry at this mess, it's just sad.

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