PINE64 Acrylic Open Enclosure
Is the PINE64 Acrylic Open Enclosure case hardware designed in such a way as to make them stackable similar to the below image?

[Image: 51CIdDlsEFL.jpg]
I'm actually going this route since it's a super-simple solution. I just went to an online retailer and ordered several 4" x 6" acrylic sheets of 1/8" thickness (in a pretty blue), and will drill the 4 screw holes myself. There was a $30 minimum order on the sheets, and I was able to get 28 of them for that price, so I'll be able to stack these to my heart's content (or until my wife tells me to knock it off Smile ).
What are you doing for the spacers?

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(03-16-2016, 06:40 PM)jl_678 Wrote: What are you doing for the spacers?

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 I'm going to use brass standoffs. l'll use some small ones (something like 8mm) below the board, and taller ones above. In the picture that started the thread, the hex bolts are only used to hold the acrylic slabs together and some kind of plastic piece is used to attach the RasPi to the slab. I decided to have the standoffs do both functions.

I ordered 4" x 6" pieces which will give me ~1/2" of edge on all sides of the Pine64. The mounting holes on the Pine64 are 5mm in from the corner (on the diagonal), so I'll drill 4 holes in my acrylic slabs at 1/2" + 5mm from the corners and attach the Pine64 and attach the acrylic pieces together in one shot.

Only thing I'm still working on is what to do about the "feet" on the underside. I'm looking for some kind of rubber stick-ons or something so I can have a unit that's less likely to slide around since it'll weigh almost nothing.

Okay. Thank you for the clarification. I like your idea!

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I should mention, I wanted to go with a bit thicker than a 1/8" (3.17mm) acrylic piece, but the length of the threaded part of the standoffs stymied me on this. The male-side threaded part is only 6mm, so if I got a 1/4" (6.34mm) acrylic piece the standoff hex screw wouldn't reach all the way through.

If you wanted to get slightly more complicated, you could go with any thickness of acrylic you like, and just make sure you get the bottom standoff screws as female on both ends instead of m/f. That way you can run a regular screw (of an appropriate length) into the top and bottom of the unit. So it'd end up looking like this:

Male screw (down through the acrylic piece into the standoff)

Top acrylic piece

1" m/f standoff screw  (or however long you like based on how much headroom you want/need) with the receive male side pointed up to receive the top screw


8mm f/f standoff screw

Male screw (up through the acrylic piece into the standoff)


Adding whatever washers and whatnot you like between any of the junctions.

This process will work only for single units. If you want to stack more than one, you would need to either stick to 1/8" acrylic and use m/f standoffs, or find a m/m screw to join each layer.
Hi !

I also develope one open model enclosure  ...

25mm nylon HEX standoffs  And VESA holes adapter..


my open housing can be found here The cost is only $ 11.50 for a pine. For the second Pine will be added $ 3.70 for the spacers.
(03-23-2016, 10:08 AM)norm24 Wrote: my open housing can be found here The cost is only $ 11.50 for a pine. For the second Pine will be added $ 3.70 for the spacers.

Are you selling these anywhere?
Just ordered one through Amazon! Smile Thanks for the great product.

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