Got your PINE64 board yet? Post here!
Mine arrived today, which was a bit of a surprise as I hadn't even received shipping confirmation or a tracking number despite trying to find out more information for weeks now.

I hope this thing is worth the hassle.
Backer #29,562 - KS funded 23 Jan 2016 - Backerkit funded 10 Mar 2016
Backer #5,775 and my order (2x 2GB 64+ PlayBox sets + 1x 2GB 64+ standard) arrived sans Playbox shells (due to the production issues with them) on Friday July 1st at ~11:30am AEST (time of notification of parcel pickup in mail).
I don't recall getting a tracking number any time after completing the Backerkit , but I just waited and was happily surprised when the package came in.
My pledge has been arrived today!

[Image: i7sxl.jpg]

There are just the PlayBox (delay announced) and battery (will be shipped separately) missing.
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Recieved my board this morning. I got both my backerkit items and kickstarter stuff. The lithium battery arrived about a week ago. The ABS case(announced delay) is the only piece left now. Thanks pine team, I am looking forward to playing with this on my pi top case.

2 2GB Pine A64 boards
2 RTC battery cases
Remote with ir receiver
lithium battery pack
Debian 8 works great and I love that battery support works out of the box. I was able to plug it in and disconnect wall power with no problem. Android works but freezes when I switch over to battery only.
Backer # 13,851 Ordered in Jan 2016

I received my board the first week of June. I found the small scrap of paper in the shipment bag that stated the ABS enclosure would be sent later. I then discovered that both the playbox and the display/touchscreen were listed as "in the bag. So I have a board without a display or case for it. The case I can work around, but from what I gather, the pine a64 people probably think my display and touchscreen were received. It's hard to tell what they think as they have not answered one of my messages or emails.

The longer this goes on, the more I think I'll end up kissing that $99 goodbye. 

I've read the posts from the pine guys. It looks like there are massive issues with everyone on this thing.

I'm probably going to have to switch vendors for our projects now as if they can't reply to emails after 26 days.

Very Frustrating! Angry

Todd Roper
Received my pledge, 2GB pine64, and backerkit stuff. Just tried it Android.

The pine looks nice, WiFi module and acrylic were easy to install. The airmouse works nicely with Android.

Android looks smooth, however some strange behaviour is going on.
I received 2 boards that I ordered from the pine64 shop on June 13th and my kickstarter reward on June 27th, minus ABS case and ZWave module.

I also got a 4th board from an individual online and ordered a 5th, 2 more acrylic cases and some set screws to act as short all thread to stack the acrylic cases.

Backer #17,640
Received my new board 2gig version, on July 2, 2016.  Played with it yesterday, with Android, Remix OS and Ubuntu.  Made a video to show what I am experiencing.

Opening my box.
i got mine just the board pine64+2gb version.  im very happy with it even though its still in its infancy stage. ive tried emulators on droid os nes snes n64 work good. trying now on ubuntu xenial.
I was a Dec/Jan backer (Pine64+, 2GB Mem, 64GB Android, Wifi/BT, case).
I received June 29 (all but the case).
Everything is working but had to burn a new OS to use the LCD. The one that came output to HDMI.

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