Pine64 as squeezebox touch replacement
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(11-05-2020, 07:19 PM)WeeGee Wrote: I want to save my pine64 from collecting dust, and there I found this cool project Smile
Is there any SD image available for downloading?

Hi there.

I'm sorry that I don't often look here, but wanted to update now as there is now finally a working, mainline kernel version of the Armbian base system that I used to build this.  The system was previously locked at kernel 3.10, because of difficulties coding the mipi-dsi display interface that the Pine64 touchscreen uses.

My old system has been my main music player for three years and is pretty stable, except when the log file goes crazy and eats up the flash memory. I haven't been bothered to fix the log rotation as it isn't that big-a-deal, and was waiting for the mainline kernel.
  If you'd like to try it, I found this on my google drive:

You're welcome to try it while I start work on porting the functionality to the new base system, which will allow, among other things, better DSD playback and hopefully IR remote control.


Plan to download but access denied.
Sorry!  Please try this link
Thanks, works now.
I have already resolved quite a few issues with the new, mainline version, so I wouldn't spend too much time on the old image Smile. I'll try to post an update here as soon as I have something working.
The new system is working now, including IR (using ir-keytable). I was hoping to be able to make the screen zoom in when accepting IR commands, but my coding skills are not up to it, so this will take time if I'm going to do it myself, but the system is perfectly usable without it.

If anyone who reads this is able to code lua, and would be interested to help, please let me know. The original AutoSkin applet (from the squeezebox touch) is available at and needs reworking to listen for keypress events instead of IR codes.

Post back if you're interested.
This is still a work in progress, but everything is working except for the aforementioned jivelite zoom when using a remote.

I still haven't done any work on realtime priority or system optimisation, but will update when the system is better optimised for audio.

Image exported to

"root" and "mediauser" passwords: "1234"
You will need to edit /etc/default/squeezelite
line 10: to refernce your soundcard/USB DAC
and line 20: the -D :xxxx option, depending on your DAC's dsd capabilities.

Various threads discuss the dual function (OTG/USB) of the upper USB port. To guarantee the best signal path, it is probably best to plug your DAC into the lower port (closest to the board).

IR: I updated the kernel just before creating the image, and inadvertently disabled the IR receiver in the devicetree.
To enable receiving IR events:
1. You will need a suitable IR receiver component. I use a VS1838B which works fine
2. Do: "sudo fdtput -t s /boot/dtb/allwinner/sun50i-a64-pine64-plus.dtb /soc/ir@1f02000 status okay"
NOTE: You will need to repeat the above whenever you update your kernel, or create a file in /etc/kernel/postinstall-d/ containing it, as IR is disabled in the devicetree by default.

The image is set up to receive nec IR commands through ir-keytable (lirc is not installed)
3. Edit /etc/rc_keymaps/jivelite to map your IR codes to key presses.

Most - but not all of - my codes are taken from the squeezebox touch remote control (available to the logitech Harmony), the rest are stolen from a HiFo360 HFD1B remote that I had lying around. The Pine64 seems to be able to use any nec protocol codes you can throw at it, so using
ir-keytable -p nec -t

Read the input codes from you remote and adjust the /etc/rc_keymaps/jivelite file accordingly

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