Travelling with the Pine64 (and Lipo battery)
(02-15-2017, 05:29 PM)psychedup Wrote: I sometimes have to travel for work, and I'd love to be able to bring my pine64 with me.

I've heard that LiPo batteries aren't allowed on air travel in the U.S., but I've also heard that only "spare" batteries are banned.

If your pine is cased and the lipo is installed ( recommend velcro tabs or tape ) you'll get by with it.

I mean , you don't advertise that there is a lipo battery in the case;  and you don't open the case; and you put the pine in your carry on bag.   no problem.   probably.

Having said that, I would leave the lipo at home; lipo batteries are potentially dangerous. IMHO it is irresponsible to travel by air with them. Just take your pine board and your international PSU from RPi; that way you can plug it in wherever you go.
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