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Plex Media Server and Plex Player on Android
Hello Plex64 fans,

I managed to install Plex Media Server and the Player on the Pine64. It runs well, 1080p flawlessly, 4k, not so much.

Here's how to get it done:

  1. Install Android 7 TV
  2. Install Plex for Android from the Play Store
  3. Install Plex Media Server
    • Download the apk: https://apkplz.com/android-apps/plex-media-server
    • Copy it to a USB drive, plug it in the Pine
    • Open ES File Explorer on the Pine64 and install the app
    • Open Android Settings > Apps > Plex Media Server - "Open"
    • It will set itself up, ask for folders. Just follow the prompts.
    • Finally, it will tell you to open Plex Player you installed in Step #2. Do so.
    • Plex Player will ask you to link a Plex account on your PC by visiting https://plex.tv/link. Go ahead.
  4. Setup Plex Media Server
    • On the Pine, go to Network Settings > Ethernet - jot down the IP address. e.g.
    • On a computer open that IP address to port 32400. e.g.
    • Your good old Plex Media Server interface will show up. 
      • Log in with your Plex Account
      • Set up media folders.
      • Enjoy.
You should be able to use any Android version (tested it on the official Android 6 release as well). Remix OS won't install the Plex Media Server.

Hope that helps Smile
You posted in the linux section. I've seen a lot of questions regarding plex both on here and in the IRC, so I will move and sticky the thread in android general .
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