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Love RemixOS but 1 issue
It is working pretty good so far. I am using the latest image from a few weeks ago. Got it from the wiki. The issue is there is no option to choose between HDMI sound and the headphone jack on the board. It would be nice to have that option. I'm not sure if that is part of the OS to begin with though.

I have it plugged in to a monitor through HDMI and the monitor has sound output. I don't want to rely on the output from the monitor I would like it going through the jack on the board.

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hi,  in order to use the audio-jack you need to install the audio-jack codec ( its pretty straight-forward if not a little time consuming ).

Then there are some magic commands, and then finally you will be able to choose the hardware for audio-jack output and also be able to choose the correct codec from the sound settings ( there are two setting you have to check ).

Search the forum, longsleep placed the audio-codec stuff on his site;  there are some very clear instructions on the forum to getting the audio-jack codec to work properly-- and by the way, the audio quality is not bad.
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Hi @elpipetuanis,
I want to know which kind of microSD you are using, and if you use LAN or WiFi connection.

Thanks for your feedback.

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