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Emulator (possibly retroarch) performance on 6.0 TV?
Hey guys

One of my goals with the Pine is to build a little emulator machine just for giggles. My ultimate performance goal would be a Dreamcast emulator, but I'll settle for Mario Kart 64 and be happy with it Smile

So after I gave up on proper 3d acceleration in Linux (lack of drivers and upstream support I guess) I went ahead and installed Ayufan's 6.0 TV Android build, and it's close to perfect Smile

Sound works, image works, my x360 controllers work, Plex works a treat, but performance in N64 games is iffy, borderline playable at best.

So my question is: what are the highest performing emulators for the pine? I'm most interested in N64 right now, but I'll take advice on any Nintendo or Sega platform (S/NES, GB*, Genesis, Saturn, DC, etc) and even the PS1, though that's the bottom of my priority list.

Right now I have retroarch 1.3.6 installed from the playstore. I configured the basics (directories, controllers, etc) and installed a bunch of cores from the online updater; it all mostly works, but the N64 shows very poor performance. I'm assuming I could've chosen better cores where there were alternatives, and that video settings can be fiddled with.

What are the best cores? What are the best video settings to maximise performance? Should I have gone for a nightly build? Which one?

Are there emulators other than retroarch with top-notch performance? I don't mind having to choose different apps.

Would Ayufan's 7.0 Android build be a better choice? I don't mind moving there either Smile

Thanks for any and all advice Big Grin
I recently started using Ayufan's 6.0 tablet build about a month ago and am very impressed with it so far. But have only had time to test a few emulators out including a few N64 cores/emulators. With Retroarch, which I would rather use, the 3 (?) cores available did not perform but found that Mupen64plus FZ edition works beautifully with the Pine64. I tried a few games such as 1080, Goldeneye, Mario Kart, and Paper Mario and am really impressed with both the emulator and Ayufan's 6.0 build. I believe the FZ edition is optimized for speed compared to the other Mupen64Plus AE version, and any of the Retroarch cores.

Here is link to FZ version;
System is configured to allow foreground apps to use 4 cores, always.

It is defined by these configuration options:
(01-25-2017, 02:55 PM)ayufan Wrote: System is configured to allow foreground apps to use 4 cores, always.

It is defined by these configuration options:

Thanks for the great work! Smile every other app I've tried seems to work just fine, it's only the emulators that I can't seem to sort out. Do you have any advice? Any preferred video modes, configuration tweaks?...

I tried the FZ version of mupen64plus and it is better than retroarch's, but it's still not perfect. I'll fiddle with the settings to see if I can sort it out.

Thanks for all the advice!

Edit: after fiddling around with retroarch cores and video plugins I've managed to bring video speed up to a reasonable state. However, retroarch is now not producing sound (mupen64plus FZ does produce sound, as do many other apps -- so it's a retroarch issue). Any thoughts?

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