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Pine64 Head Unit
Hi All,

I am jumping on board with pine as carputer/head unit.  

My basic rules to follow along with the project are:
1. Reasonable cost of parts
2. Maximum utilization and least distortion of the vehicles system.

I have Honda Odyssey Touring 2006 so I have some decent Audio/Radio with amplifier I want to keep. Also car has 6CD changer and Rear Entertainment Systems (RES with in-dash DVD). CD changer is just a piece that belongs to museum artifacts rather than modern electronics and i will get rid of it soon. In-dash DVD is not a good solution either because I have three kids of different ages (1,6 and 10) so their preferences are very different. So sharing one screen would be always hours long debates. I want every passenger to have a screen (phone/tablet) and get independent streams/information/games from the central carputer/server. Therefore, I want to turn pine64 into a media server + wifi router as infotainment system.
On another hand I want to totally control their access to local media as well as internet. Therefore, I need to be able to lock their tablets, grant/decline access to media and internet from mine screen. Next, I want to be able to play same movie on all screens (front and in-dash) as locked together  or independently (so I can set a movie to kids from driver seat).
When I searched on what setups are best I realized that best model to follow is in-flight infotainments like most modern arilines have. There every passenger has its own independent screen but its can be regulated from a master computer/operator who can also broadcast messages. So I want to replicate that in the car.
Next I want OBDII, in-dash front DVR, rear camera, navigation, tight integration with cell phones (android auto is not that great how I found it, so may be just screen mirroring?).

As whistles and bells I want pine64 to do automatic ripping of disks when thrown in it (newer Odyssey can that) but for that I will need either to get control over OEM DVD or to get another one.
Finally, I want to add card reader to the setup and and automatic sync from SD cards to a hard drive. This will be handy when you do lots of photos and then you need to free your cards.

Not bad, Eh?

Now I have to solve immediate three  issues.

My first question to answer is will pine64+ 2Gb (with only USB2) be appropriate board for all these tasks at once and especially for multi streaming? Sould i split tasks to two SBC?

I just installed Andr 6 at my pine+ 2Gb and will setup media server tonight to check how many streams it can handle.   Alternative are PRi3 and Odiroid XU4. SOPINE has eMMC but not USB3.

SECOND: Power supply. We drive every day and it would be best for the board and speed to keep it in awake-sleep regime. Therefore I want to add a dedicated battery for the board. I am totally zero in electrics and I would appreciate if members will explain in step by step what worth purchasing and how to assemble proper power supply scheme for this scenario.  

THIRD: Screen.
7" screen from pine store looks as it was bought in bulk from some tablet producers. It is totally wrong for in-car computer. Even further it is wide screen what does not look nice as a a head unit monitor. Any better suggestions?

Will keep posted on my progress.

Thank you!
Spent few days on trying Android vs Linux. So far I see that PINE worth keeping as a headless media server with another Android tablet as a head unit.
Tried to power up 3G modem I have to work in Armbian and Ubuntu... so far no luck. Seems unless we have newer kernel it will not fly.
(03-07-2017, 08:07 PM)dikov Wrote: Seems unless we have newer kernel it will not fly.

Have a look as the Armbian nightly releases for the pine64 - they are on 4.10 kernel. However, they are nightly (potentially unstable builds), so your milage may vary! Wink
(03-07-2017, 09:09 PM)pfeerick Wrote:
(03-07-2017, 08:07 PM)dikov Wrote: Seems unless we have newer kernel it will not fly.

Have a look as the Armbian nightly releases for the pine64 - they are on 4.10 kernel. However, they are nightly (potentially unstable builds), so your milage may vary! Wink

I just triedt the nightly release last night Smile).

As i understand  it is most "naked" kernel as there is no even wifi drivers and lsmod does not work there.
I just asked umiddelb for help to compile 4.10 kernel suitable for the carpc project (i.e. that will have lots of drivers for USB devices).
I'm thinking of buying an N7 for this project, more simple and functional! I really like to use Pine, but nothing helps!
Depending on what you want from your carpc, just one tablet might be enough. There are Youtube videos reporting tablets as the HU screen. There are apps such as AutoMate, car dash android-Car, Android Auto which are quite close to what I would like to see as a HU screen. To automate routines I use MacroDroid.
With tablet as HU screen it is important to have light sensor in the tablet.
You may not need light sensor if you use canbus, you can read the value of car's light sensor through there.
For now I have ended up with Pioneer NEX 4200 and I attach android phone to it either through USB cable or even wireless-ly through HDMI --> ChromeCast.
The head unit appears to have all ports I need and can mirror phone screen with touchscreen feedback.
(02-15-2016, 02:26 PM)Zoidiano0 Wrote: Hi Guys i know that the Board's has not been shipped yet but there is a common project for some of the members  and that is
to build a DIY Car Head Unit

how can you stream audio and phone calls to the pine?
Mostly is to know what kind of devices can work to able to have the features that I have listed and also if u have more ideas about features to be added to the project are always welcome 
I'm the lord of ocean 

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