New Device Trees for A64
Check out the drop of the H5SDK Orange Pi posted.

Aren't these w1p1 files the A64 and the w2p1 stuff the H5?


It is truly idiotic that everyone outside of China has to rely on Allwinner to release the code to their Chinese OEMs and then those OEMs turn around and post it for everyone to see. Why can't they just put this stuff on a public server like everyone else does?
Why and how is this relevant? Every board needs its device tree and every board might be different and thus needs its own device tree.
Right, so we need a Pine version of sun50iw1p1-t1.dts. But we can use all of the dtsi (include) files which describe the core A64 CPU. The normal way to write these device trees is to make include files that describe the core CPU and then include those files from a small dts file which adds the board specific info.

Core A64 CPU description include files

We need to write board specific files..
etc - small files that include the core dtsi files.

Also compare the contents of sun50iw1p1-clk, sun50iw1p1-pinctrl, sun50iw1p1.dtsi to what is in the current Pine device tree. Those new files are in much better shape. For example they have all of the symbolic pHandles.

I have always thought the Pine64.dts file was created by decompiling a binary device tree and it wasn't the original source, this looks to be the original source.
This has always been possible as similar sources are in the BSP kernel tree. I am just not willing to spend any time on this. Feel free to create a working git repository for pine64 dtsi with a makefile supporting all the different variants and I might feel to use it eventually in my building gear.
Hi Guys,

May i ask You a (maybe obvious for You but not for me) a question:
Where i should look for technical data about pinephone such like camera, display (digitizer) correct names, values and so for and so on? -i mean You suggested best link to looking for. I am going to write on new DTS file for PinePhone based on (already working, but not 100% correct) - Pine64_plus wrote by Linus Torvalds (i guess). I mean... i am going to prepare a sid version. It could be compile by DTC tool, or not, but i have to try.

There is a github where is all linux dir with sources made by Linus Torvald:

Is this below website is the one, and the best one?

I am going to use as much possible with DRY rule, so basically i need some information (if it even possible) WHAT type, name and value of data i should insert to a
sun50i-a64-pinephone.dts based on sun50i-a64-pine64-plus.dts, and then compile DTS to DTB by DTC Debian tool. Finally i am going to prepare some image by dd or cdebootstrap (from included files one dir) and try to use on sdcard just like in following tutorial (this is work, but could be much better):

Thanks for help in advance! Smile

Edit: I downloaded all pdfs i had been able to find on above website, but if You found a better source, please feel free and write something about it. Thanks!

P.S. I have no idea why, but pmbootstrap did not work correctly last time, and Pine64 installer either.. So please, help me if You can. Wink

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