Tomcat 7 and Guacamole - on Pine and Armbian
Well - I tried to run Apache guacamole Java applet / servlet on an NTC CHIP - gave up...

Tried it on Armbian on BananaPI - it was better - but still a bit sluggish at times.

I'm now running it on one of my Pine boards (PineA64+ 2GB) running "latest" Armbian Jessie Legacy...

It's really snappy!   I've got port forwarding from the interwebs - and I can use guacamole to get an SSH session for all the nodes I've configured using it's XML configuration file...  It will even do RDP and VNC, I've tested RDP (using XRDP) to one of my nodes - it's not really practicable over the interwebs - but nice and quick on the same LAN....

And - 2 GB board seems wasted (not even gone above 1 GB usage) - which suggests to me - those 4 cores make all the difference - and perhaps 64 bit?

I did try to run it on an RPi 3b - running Raspbian - but too many dependancies during the install so gave up.

It was really simple to get going - and I think I'll leave that PineA64+ 2GB board doing just that...   Just about given up using either of my boards for a desktop workload - mainly because of the lousy software support from the board vendor...   Got an OPi+ 2E and running Armbian with XFCE makes a much better desktop than Pine - just a shame the OPi+ doesn't have battery support (however battery support on Pine has be less than spectacular for me anyway).

Also - can report - iperf3 is reporting me getting close to 1000 mbit under Armbian!

Thanks to Igor and TKaiser for an AWESOME Linux platform to run on Arm SBCs!
Update : been up and running 19+ days now... I ended up removing the WiFi/Bluetooth "hat" - which turned out to be as useful as mammary glands on a male bovine - NEVER ever got the bluetooth going in Linux ever - $10 wasted money... oh well... $29 was pretty much wasted on Pine itself too :-)

Quite pleased with stability of Armbian running on Pine64 "headless" legacy kernel... most stable I've ever had any of this crudware from Pine working to date... THUMBS UP TO ARMBIAN!

I'm powering it directly to the headers - I might have another go with a battery as a "UPS" - but haven't had much luck with batteries and Pine...

Also - seems the 2GB model is somewhat overkill for this functionality - because it never goes over 1 GB RAM used by Java/Kernel/Apache in total...

My "other" 2 GB pine is sitting in a Lego "playbox" with 7" LCD - but haven't had any luck getting that going... But everything about Pine64 seems so flaky compared to Orange PI, Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi and NTC CHIP... everytime I hit a snag, then another one, I give up in frustration and use some other more reliable SBC...
I have failed to get Guacamole running anywhere (not true: guacd runs but pukes when I point it at a session) even when using scripts from third parties and Docker containers. Apache's documentation is ... less than clear? Is that the polite way of saying IT SUCKS? Would you detail the procedures used?


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