Remote Access Server [Suggestions?]
I'm planning on running a server from my Pine64, and after i set everything up, i want to put the Pine in a closet or something. I was hoping i could use something to access the Pine from a different computer or device, so i did some research.

I found this:

If you look at their downloads page, found here, it lists a bunch of versions of their software for a bunch of operating systems. They have viewers for a bunch of operating systems as well. 

Do you think this VNC software will work on the Pine64? If so, which operating system would you recommend? (I was hoping for some flavor of Linux to save resources, but anything is up for suggestion. I was thinking that a graphical remote connection would be easier than just command-line.)

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You can install a VNC server on the Pine64 (in Linux, in development), and then configure to access it remotely.
Such an installation does not even require to install drivers for the graphics card of the Pine64.

In Debian/Ubuntu there is a package called tightvncserver (
which is one of the most common for this task.
I would say it largely depends on what the purpose for having a remote connection to your device.

I use RealVNC for my Ubuntu server for general purpose stuff that I like to have the GUI for (uploading files to a work DropBox and such) but default to SSH whenever I know what I'm doing can be done via command line.

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