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Android 6.0 Tablet and TV (release candidate, maintained)
Has anyone gotten the LCD to work on the latest build? I am having a bit of an issue, where the screen inits but then it only displays interlaced vertical lines.

Everything works fine on the official android 6.0.
(11-29-2017, 07:34 AM)Mattie Wrote: Hi, I have installed android-6.0-pine-a64-tv-v1.3.0-r34 and Youtube will not launch ("Youtube has stopped working").
I have not changed any settings. I use Ethernet, a 16GB sd card, on a full hd tv through HDMI.
I have signed into a google account as well. Play store works, so does Kodi, but youtube does not. Any ideas?

You'll have to update the Youtube app from Google Play
Nobody ever written anything about unrooting the images so I thought I share my own findings. If you're having trouble making some online banking or video services work (in my case it was Showmax video app), the following procedure might help. Tested on ayufans' 6.0 TV most recent image:

1. Run SuperSU.
2. After it asks for installing su binaries select yes and choose normal mode.
3. Reboot (this is done automatically IIRC)
4. Run SuperSU again, go to Settings and choose full unrooting down the bottom of the list.
5. Last and final step: go to Android settings and perform a factory reset (curiously enough you won't loose your apps).

Voila, your Pine64A/A+ is now unrooted.

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