Android 6.0 Tablet and TV (release candidate, maintained)
On advice of Bluphire I swapped from Android 7.x install to the 6.x install from the link at the start of this thread. I had not timed the 7.x initial boot, but so far I am at about a half hour of staring at the 4 animated circles.

Okay, I swear the damn Pine must be watching me. Just as with the 7.x build, as I type up a post on this forum, it finally progresses. Circles went away as I finished the first paragraph, just started a new timer to wait for anything else to show up. On the 7.x install I got to play with my mouse for a little bit at least. This one is just a black screen so far.

Gave it a half hour, really wanted to see things advance on their own. But finally cut power and restarted. This time I was at a seemingly full functioning Android in 4 minutes. Settings and wifi icons are slightly off the screen on the bottom. And when I clicked on the Wifi to enter my info, the system seemed to freeze up for a while. Eventually I got a "Leanback Launcher is not responding" popup, which was the whole problem with 7.x for me.

The 6.x build at least got me to see some apps on the bottom bar. But remains nonfunctional. Every time I reboot and try again I get the same results. The suggested search term cycles, the clock updates... but nothing responds to my mouse clicks, except to eventually pop up that Leanback is not responding.

No ideas on how to proceed from here unfortunately. In terms of all of the troubleshooting I can find on these boards, things should be functioning. I have not customized the Uenv or whatever that file is. I did open the IMG with 7zip to look for it at one point, but found a large file structure that I did not have luck in sorting through. It would be nice if there was a simple setting I could tweak somewhere to solve all of my issues, but other than adjusting the resolution to fit on my monitor better, none of the mentioned settings I have seen sound likely to help me.

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