Video Signal Loss (Android 7.0 builds)
Does anyone else have an issue where they lose video when the screen is idle for more than say 1-2 min tops.  If I am watching a movie or actively scrolling through the menu on the ayufan android 7.0 builds everything is fine.  If I stop in either the main menu or within Kodi and leave it the screen blanks out and says it can't detect a signal.  Moving mouse or tapping keyboard doesn't wake the screen and a reboot is required to gain signal back.  I have looked through the settings and can't find anything for sleep mode and disabled any that I could find.  This is different from the issues some where having with the HDMI waking the Pine this is just simply losing signal after a short static time frame.  Thanks
One of two things is speeping; 1) the monitor, or 2) the pine board

... do not let the pine board sleep. Check all your settings. Don't let the video go to sleep either; often will not wake up;

I doubt seriously that you're losing video signal ( other than sleeping ).
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I think pine64 goes to sleep and the peripherals you are using doesn't make an interrupt to wake it up. Have you already tried to wake it up with clicking the power button?

The basic problem is I think pine64 doesnt talk over cec to stay on wake. In my case I am using Android Nougat too with on board lcd and it never goes to sleep if I dont click on power button.
You might want to you use forum search for 'adb logcat' to turn random mysteries into something that is solveable. Android writes log files that help diagnosing problems Smile
Thanks for all the suggestions I will look again to make sure i have all the sleeping stuff disabled and try some other things as well. I agree I am pretty sure it was it going to sleep but thought i had disabled everything.

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