Shipping costs - Why a flat fee?
lately I found that I could really use the Wifi module for the Pine and checked the shop. Fair enough, 10$ seems reasonable.
But then I found that the shipping costs would double that, being a flat 12$.
If that is the cost to ship stuff to Europe, it would also be ok. But how can it be that a 5 gram little Wifi module has the exact shipping cost as a complete kit including enclosure and every plug adapter you can imagine?

I understand, that it probably makes it easier on your part of the supply chain, but I can't accept that and refrain from ordering from the shop on these conditions.
Could you explain the reasoning behind the flat shipping fee? I would really like to give you more of my money, but this just feels like extending the profit margin.

Best wishes
Shipping costs are based on method, weight, size, and time.

... what I recommend is waiting to order until you have a order worthy of the shipping fees. Everything you add to the order reduces the shipping fee for that item ( sort of ). Perhaps you could place a multiple order ( you and your friends ) so that you're all sharing the shipping fee and getting a really good deal in the shipping price.
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Mark, thanks for your input. Well, as you said initially, it is based on a variety of different factors, that's why I don't quite understand why a little circuit board you can place in a small, very light bubble envelope would cost exactly as much as a large set of components. Reducing the fraction of the shipping costs by adding more stuff to the order is not really suitable, as I'm set quite well with the 2GB Kickstarter board.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not aggressive about it, but would like to know the official reasoning behind not having a bit more flexibility in the shipping fees. It might just be "currently makes it smoother in our backoffice and we have our hands full enough getting all orders shipped, so screw it (for now?)" ;-)
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