Euler bus/Pi2 bus on Pine64
Posted in project suggestion as well.... 

Forgive my ignorance, but I have little experience with hardware "hacking" and had a few questions that endless searches through the forums could not answer... 

1) What exactly can I do with the buses on the Pine64/how do I actually go about using them? 

2) Would I be able to directly wire an Xbox 360 controller to one of these buses, thereby freeing up a USB port and/or the bluetooth connection?

3) How much programming/how possible would it be to modify Android to allow for controller interaction with the Android UI? For example, use the D-Pad to select apps on Android's home screen?

Again, pardon my ignorance, I am only taking the first baby steps in this field and would love any and all direction from you guys!

Thank you!
I just replied in the other thread. Closing this thread as there is no need for duplicate posts. Please keep asking questions though! Big Grin

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