[EXPERIMENTAL] Linux on the LCD screen
(12-16-2016, 11:47 PM)atomicmoose Wrote: I have detailed installing the touch driver on my github:

Tried this on Ubuntu and I get :

[   12.831207] gt9xxf_ts: exports duplicate symbol input_fetch_sysconfig_para (owned by kernel)

Edit: I just uncommented all the EXPORT_SYMBOL statements. 

And touch is working on Ubuntu (and actually moves the mouse)! Well mostly. It only seems like half the screen, and everything is backwards. 

Second Edit: Alright! Just decompiled the sun50i-a64-lcd-pine64-plus.dtb and changed gt911_DB to gt911_DB2, recompiled and rebooted and the touch screen works great!!

For those who need it:

sudo apt install bison flex
git clone https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/utils/dtc/dtc.git
cd dtc
sudo cp dtc /usr/local/bin/.
dtc --in-format=dtb sun50i-a64-lcd-pine64-plus.dtb > sun50i-a64-lcd-pine64-plus.dts
<edit gt911_DB to gt911_DB2>
dtc --in-format=dts sun50i-a64-lcd-pine64-plus.dts > sun50i-a64-lcd-pine64-plus.dtb
sudo cp sun50i-a64-lcd-pine64-plus.dtb /boot/pine64/.


BTW, thanks for the instructions on the LCD. I got the display part working on Ubuntu, FINALLY, after 8 months of waiting.
I do it live!

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