Battery Backup for media center.
(09-13-2016, 08:38 AM)Zone Wrote: ...  Such as CPT (car power technology) dc-dc converter (which I don't see in the Pine store), premade low-pass filter, and a battery, and 3pin PH type connector. I know enough to know that there's a lot of quality issues with these kinds of items but not enough to tell something that's up to spec to use Pine 64... Hence to request for "I'm looking for a product that is the quickest/simple plug-and-play setup that is safe to use". Thank you for your help thus far!

I understand. I am totatlly a DIY tech guy, build my own stuff almost exclusively (had many years of experience doing that, but its not for everyone).

You're going to find that there really isn't much plug-and-play anything for the PineA64 boards; almost nothing.  If you need it, you're going to have to build it, or pay somebody to build it for you;  especially for automotive applications.
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