Where is the kernel stored ?
I want to add GPIO support to android, so I have to rebuild the kernel with appropriate config. As the whole android image takes a long time to build/copy to sdcard I plan to only recompile the kernel but I don't find the zImage/ramdisk within the 12 (seriously?) partitions, actually most of them are not even mountable (wrong fs type).
So where is the kernel image stored ?
Hi, the kernel and initrd are not stored as a file on one of the filesystems, they are stored as a raw binary blob in one of the partitions that have no filesystem. Android images tend to have between 7 and 20+ partitions sometimes... you have to look at the different scripts in the Android SDK to see how the different partitions are populated and how the kernel image is added to the scheme. That being said, once you followed jonsmirl's new build howto with the sources once, you can create images with your own kernel tweaks...
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Ok thank you.

But it looks like that the kernel is pre-compiled :
'kernel' file is already there and is copy-pasted by tulip_chiphd.mk

Edit: said nothing, found it here https://gitlab.com/pine64-android/linux-3.10

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