Dev toolchain
Can anyone point me to info on setting up the proper dev toolchain for the Pine64? I'm assuming there is a discussion for this somewhere that I'm not able to find. The toolchain and other related dev environment setup so we're all working on the same or similar setups.

Not sure if this is helpful (I am not a developer) but here is the link that was given on a similar question a moderator Tllim answered with a link to a bootlog (doesn't seem very helpful to me)
It was described as a "Kernel 4.4 boot log that successfully bring up by Sunxi team"
I would also check the pine64 wiki which looks more promising
Here is the excellent blog posted by Dieter, highly encourage to read if you interest in the Linux bring up.

@Dieter, appreciate and thanks on this excellent blog.
Cheers, TL Lim
Thank you!

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