Virtualization Support
(02-22-2016, 04:00 PM)longsleep Wrote: Apritzel has fixed the ATF to boot the CPU in EL2 - KVM works kind of (see for a bootlog of a guest) until the host BSP Kernel crashes with - so some work to be done here or wait for a suitable mainline Kernel.


Ok, @apritzel also remembered the fix - so i added it to my Kernel tree ( and now KVM works. See for full guest boot log to shell.

Thats some progress i would say. KVM guest with Pine64 host - check!

Can you provide some high level bullet points of what needs to be done to get KVM working?  I have your latest kernel and u-boot installed but I can't find any directions in any of the threads on how to boot into a hypervisor capable kernel.  Any pointers / coles notes would be greatly appreciated.
Nothing needs to be done. It works out of the box. An easy KVM environment can be run with
(07-10-2016, 01:11 PM)longsleep Wrote: Nothing needs to be done. It works out of the box. An easy KVM environment can be run with

Sorry to ask but why this commit was done only for branch pine64-hacks and not pine64-hacks-1.2? I'm mostly using the later. Thx.

EDIT: Please, ignore my comment. Just saw it's committed to 1.2.

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