updated view is smaller (tiny)
Mine works fine, on my Android Play Desk; however, I am using an experimental Android image which I received from TL Lim, for testing purposes-- will be made available later.

Try this:  go into settings, and select display, then select 'hdmi output mode' to set the hdmi standard out.

I have two choices  1080p and 720p;  I suspect that Punkyclown's is set to 1080p... setting it to 720p should give him the resolution he is used to.

Also, my fonts do change size.... I have the option to set small, normal, large, and huge... and they do just that !
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please join us for a chat @  irc.pine64.xyz:6667   or ssl  irc.pine64.xyz:6697

( I regret that I am not able to respond to personal messages;  let's meet on irc! )

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